The Privacy Act (C'wealth) 1998 regulates how your personal information is handled. For example, it covers:

  • how your personal information is collected (e.g.the personal information you provide when you fill in a form)
  • how it is then used and disclosed
  • its accuracy
  • how securely it is kept
  • your general right to access that information.

As a small business, Dickson Central is generally exempt from the provisions of the Privacy Act (C'wealth) 1998 and Privacy (Private Sector) Regulations 2001. We will however abide by the spirit of that legislation in the running of this business and adopt its general principles.

It is a condition of entry to the hostel that on registering as a guest you provide us with personal information including your name, address (if an Australian resident), photographic identification, telephone and email addresses. This allows us to ensure that you meet the conditions of entry to the hostel in relation to a minimum age of 18 and to pursue legal action against you in the event that you cause damage to the property.

That information is kept on current record until such time as you leave the hostel and is then moved into secure archival records to be retained for a period of up to five years. This is because your registration papers are not only evidence of your stay, but are also financial records that may be audited for compliance against taxation laws.

Only a limited number of persons may access your records at any time and these include the following:

  • You
  • Hostel staff, only as required for the legitimate undertaking of their jobs.
  • Australian Federal Police or public officials in the legal execution of their duties.

Whilst you are our guest, the hostel will not volunteer your personal information to any other person unless we have your express permission to do so or there is an emergency such as serious injury or illness. The hostel will confirm details however, if required to do so under a law of the Commonwealth of Australia or the Australian Capital Territory. If you are evicted from the hostel, Dickson Central reserves the right to share this information with other accommodation providers in Canberra.

Information about you held by this hostel will be destroyed after five years.