A non refundable booking fee and/or deposit is charged if bookings are made via internet. For phone bookings, a non refundable deposit by EFT or credit card will be required for stays in excess of three days, or for group bookings. Failure to pay deposits on time will result in bookings being cancelled.
Cancellations or checkout prior to the booked date must be advised no later than 48 hours in advance or the hostel may charge for the full period of booked accommodation.
Age Restrictions
All guests must be over 18 years of age, unless they are in the care and control whilst on premises of a parent, legal guardian or teacher. The hostel must be advised in advance if young people/children under 18 are intending to stay at the hostel. Special conditions will apply.
Check In Time
Check in time is between 10.30 am and 10.30 pm, unless prior arrangements have been agreed with the hostel. Checkout is no later than 10am and overstays may be charged an additional night's accommodation.
Payment is required in full on arrival in Australian dollars or by EFT or credit card, and shall include a (refundable) key deposit of $20. Week to week guests must pay for accommodation weekly, in advance, on time, every time. No credit arrangements will be entered into for any accommodation.
Proof of Identity
Photo identification will be required on check in and a copy will be retained for legal and audit purposes as a part of the registration record for a period of five years. Our privacy policy applies for access to and retention of guest records.
Late Check In Penalties
On booking, prospective guests will be required to provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA) and an Australian mobile contact number. Failure to check in within one hour of an advised ETA or to advise the hostel (in advance of their advised ETA) of a later arrival, may result in the booking being cancelled. For cancelled bookings within 48 hours of scheduled arrival, or for no shows, the hostel will charge the guest for the first booked night.
Refusal of Patronage
The hostel reserves the right to decline the patronage of any person, where the manager deems a prospective guest may pose a commercial or other risk to the hostel or its guests. Those seeking to stay as week to week guests must be in full time employment.
Any and all damage must be paid for in full by the guest or guests who caused such damage. This includes call out fees for the fire brigade should the guest’s negligence result in a fire alarm. Current call out fee charges for the fire brigade are $500.
Individual Responsibility
With the exception of beds booked by companies for their employees, or for school bookings, individuals are required to pay for their own accommodation.
Drinks & Drugs
Guests are required to treat others with respect and courtesy and to observe all hostel rules. Alcohol is limited on premises to no more than 2 standard drinks per person before midnight and none after that time and no illicit drugs are ever permitted anywhere on site. Smoking inside in any part of the hostel is prohibited.
Breach of Rules
Guests evicted for breech of hostel rules will forfeit all remaining accommodation payments and key deposits and details may be provided to other accommodation providers in Canberra.